WORK INCLUDED: Work in this section includes furnishing all labour, materials, equipment and services required to install all pour-in-place granular rubber surfacing. Itwill be completed to drawing details and specifications.

RELATED WORK SPECIFIED ELSEWHERE: Poured in place concrete, compacted crushed atone, asphalt, interlocking brick, geotextile fabric or cloth, marine plywood or other approved substrate & retaining walls.

SUBMITTAL: Submit full range of sample colors and finished available & sales literature.

DELIVERY AND STORGE: Deliver materials in manufacturer’s clearly labeled, unopened containers. Store and handle in a manner, which will prevent intrusion of foreign matter and will assure protection from weather. All resins and solvents should be stored at a temperature of not less than 0 degrees C (32 degrees F).

SCHEDULING: Co-ordinate the delivery of materials with the scheduled time of installation, to insure minimum storage time at the project site.

WARRANTY: All materials under this section shall be installed by a dealer authorized by the manufacture and shall be guaranteed by the manufacture against defects only as described in the manufacture’s warranty to the authorized dealer. The labour and installation warranty period for Playgrounds, Driveways or Commercial applications shall be One to Five years and the warranty for Residential applications shall be One to Ten years as specified and provided by the authorized dealer.

CONTRACTOR: The authorized dealer must have at least 25 applications of a similar size project and have a minimum of 3 years experience in the pored-in-place rubber safety surfacing industry.

JOB CONDITIONS: The air temperature is recommended to be above 5 degrees C day and night. Any temperature below this might affect the speed and quality of the installation.




   Granules – Pure vulcanized EPDM rubber chips ranging in size from 0.5 to 1.5 mm minimum dimension to 1-4 mm maximum dimension. EPDM rubber shall be of the highest quality (German Produced) and UV stable.

   Binder – Resin (Chemical Family: Aromatic or Aliphatic binders, Isocyanate). Binder shall be 100% urethane and contain no TDI and not labeled Toxic. Accelerators may be used with aliphatic binders.

Primer – Aromatic or Alipahtic thinned with solvent or solvent free primer.

Matrix – Resin mixed with a thickening agent, used as a base coat to allow application of rubber on vertical surfaces such as stair risers, concrete pool coping and walls.

Finish Floor Properties- Surface to withstand 600psi tensile stress, surface to be non slip resistant when wet or dry, surface to be fungus, and bacterial resistant, surface to have chemical resistance (treated surface immersed for 24 hours) so that there is no effect from oil, Lye, hydrochloric acid, animal fat, grease, acetone, tolidine, alcohol, blood, chorine, urine, detergents and insect spray.

FINISHES: Pool Decks, Splash Pads, Patios, Walkways, Driveways, etc.

Impact absorbing, cushioned surface, condition of substrate must be approved by authorize representative, Logos or designs can be incorporated into finish, surface to be minimum 6mm to 12mm thick, Pool decks should be left for 1-2 days before general use, and splash pads should be left for 5 days before general use.

FINISHES: Splash Pads, Water Play

Two Tier system over compacted “A” gravel, base of Prairie Safety Surfacing full profile water system to consist of recycled EPDM or SBR(plus optional pea-stone) mix, rubber to be no less than 80% of mixture, base to be installed specific depth, base coat binder to be used in the base layer, base coat to dry no less than 24 hours, apply standard rubber 6-12 EPDM top coat to color specified, water play system should be left for 5 days before general use.

TESTING: The system should be tested to the following standard.

  1. Hardness: ASTM D-2444 94% recovery
  2. Water Absorption: ASTM D-530 +6.5%
  3. Ultraviolet Resistance: ASTM D-3137
  4. Fungal Resistance: no growth
  5. Bacterial Resistance: no growth
  6. Spread of Flame Resistance: ANSI/UL 790 (ULC=S107) Class A
  7. Accelerated: weathering no change after 2000 hours
  8. Freeze/ Thaw; no change after 30 days at minus 50 in a 24 hour period


















  1. All sub surfaces will be inspected prior to application and any discrepancies will be reported to the owner or his agent. Installation will not proceed until any problems are rectified. Unless specified the owner is responsible for the sub base (substrate).
  2. Clean the substrate with broom or shop-vac as required. Use of pressure washer may be required if substrate is extremely dirty. (sufficient time must be allowed for the surface to dry thoroughly dry).
  3. Install retaining edging or forms if required.


  1. Using a short nap roller, roll onto substrate surfaces one coat of primer at approximately 50 square feet per liter. Primer is not necessary if covering compacted stone.
  2. The selected EPDM topcoat granules should be coated with aromatic or alipahatic resin in a non-porous container at a resin ratio of 80% rubber to 20% urethane resin by weight. Top coat should not be less than 6mm and not more than 12mm in depth. It is recommended that the mixing of the top coat be carried out with an electric vertical shaft mortar mixer to ensure consistency and assuring complete coverage of each granule.
  3. The resin should be applies to the rubber, once the rubber is initially working within the mixer. The above must be mixed for approximately 1-3 minutes.


  1. When using either resin or solvent products, whether during mixing or application, the wearing of protective gloves is essential. This will protect contact of the skin directly with the above materials. The gloves will be required to be changed regularly throughout the installation and sufficient quantities of same should be allowed for.
  2. Should any resin or solvent come into contact with the skin, this must be immediately washed off using suitable detergents and water.
  3. When troweling the product it is recommended that rubber kneepads or knee boards be on site during the installation.
  4. Read all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) prior installation. All relevant MSDS should be on site during installation.


  1. Erect barricades or caution tape as required preventing inadvertent pedestrian traffic on the finished floor surface for a period of 24-48 hours.
  2. On large projects where access to the public is possible, barricades and signs must be implemented around the working area, again to avoid any inadvertent traffic. This is more relevant on projects taking more than one day to complete.


  1. Upon completion of work in the section, remove all tools, equipment, unused materials, and debris from the site, broom clean immediate area.

Please Note:

After the completion of the surface, the EPDM granules may appear to take on a yellowish color which we refer to as ambering. This is a result of using MDI urethane which gives long term flexibility to the surface, but also a short term ambered color. This will burn off with normal activity and sunlight in a short period of time. An HDI (Aliphatic) resin is also available at an increased cost; however it will not cause an Ambering effect on the surface.