Urethane Binders

Rubber Safety Surfacing offers several polyurethane resin binders for our various poured-in-place systems. Developed by French and German companies for playground use in the early 1970’s, aromatic (MDI) polyurethane is the number one choice for sport surfaces & playgrounds and has been used by Rubber Safety Surfacing for both residential and commercial projects since 1983. Aliphatic (HDI) polyurethane has been used by Rubber Safety Surfacing since 1987 but has become very popular in the last 5 years due to its ability to prevent ambering during the curing process. Rubber Safety Surfacing now also offers a brand new aromatic polyurethane, available exclusively for use with our Rubber Safety Surfacing system. In addition, aliphatic catalysts are available for use during the colder months and coloured polyurethane binders are also available.Call us today to learn more: 204.795.2807 or email us your question.