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Prairie Safety Surfacing

Believe it or not, Rubber Safety Surfacing originated over 80 year ago. It was developed in France and Germany, for the athletic and equestrian marketplace. It has been almost 30 years since Rubber Safety Surfacing first became available in North America and began to change the landscape of safety surfacing. Safer and more durable than sand or wood chips for playgrounds, city officials across Canada are recognizing it’s benefits and making the switch for splash pads and playgrounds.

Throughout the years, with numerous residential and commercial projects being completed all over world, and refinements constantly being incorporated into the formula, it is no wonder that rubber safety surfacing has become the proven, unique product that it is today. Ideal for all climates: hot or cold, rubber safety surfacing can be seen in the icy north of Nunavut, Canada and the scorching, hot desert landscape of Saudi Arabia. Clients include luxury hotels and resorts, championship golf courses, prestigious sports and health facilities, as well as many residential uses with garages, decks, driveways and personal pool surrounds.

After seeing first hand all the benefits of Rubber Safety Surfacing, Dave Jones formed Prairie Safety Surfacing so Manitoba and Northern Ontario can now enjoy all that rubber safety surfacing has to offer. With a focused dedication on quality and customer service look to Prairie Safety Surfacing when making your next surfacing decision.

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